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Both Yasmin and Yaz function identically. They prevent ovulation, thicken the mucus of the cervix and make the endometrium more hostile to implantation. This medication is also used to treat the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder PMDD. Yaz and Yasmin have proven to be even more controversial than NuvaRing. Consumer advocates have called on the FDA to recall the drugs. The FDA has accused Yazmin of misrepresenting their products and downplaying adverse side effects in their advertising.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Yaz products on behalf of 74 women who have developed severe health problems from these drugs. The Minipill is similar to the regular birth control pill, except that it contains only progestin. As a result, this pill must be taken every day of the month, compared to the regular birth control Pill that requires only three weeks. The Minipill still operates using the three common mechanisms of hormonal contraception: preventing ovulation, thickening the mucus of the cervix and making the endometrium more hostile to implantation, which is a very early abortion.

It is considered less effective than the combined progestin and estrogen pill. The progestin-only pill is considered to be Continuous Birth Control. The Patch , called Ortho Evra, is a thin, square patch that adheres to the skin. Women wear it on the lower abdomen, below the belly button, and it is replaced weekly.

Its function is identical to the Pill in that it utilizes the common three mechanisms: preventing ovulation, thickening the mucus of the cervix and making the endometrium more hostile to implantation of a tiny developing human. The patch is the most controversial of all birth control methods when it comes to the safety and well being of women.

Since it is progestin only, it functions in the same way the Minipill does, including the prevention of implantation. Norplant is a number of hormonal matchstick-sized rods implanted under the skin, usually in the upper arm. However, it is no longer available in the United States.


The condom-both male and female versions-also prevent sperm from entering the uterus. All three of these are barrier forms of contraception and do not involve abortion. Its function is to kill sperm or block their entrance into the uterus. Spermicide comes in various forms: foam, cream, jelly or suppository.

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Its function is also to kill sperm or block them from entering the uterus. Neither the Sponge or other Spermicides have an abortifacient function. Sterilization is the surgical process of permanently sterilizing women or men. There is no guarantee that these procedures can be reversed. Abortion is not involved with either of these forms of sterilization. Natural Family Planning is the process of abstaining from sexual intercourse during the time a woman is fertile and able to conceive.

To determine when ovulation occurs, the woman observes changes that occur within her body. There are two methods of natural family planning. One is the process of observing changes in cervical mucus. During ovulation, the mucus becomes stretchy, clear and slick. Natural family planning has no abortifacient function.

Recently Laura Wershler, executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta formerly known as Planned Parenthood Alberta , lamented the lack of knowledge in her field regarding natural family planning. She says more women are looking for alternatives to hormonal contraception. She cites a trend toward natural products, better health and environmentalism. And there are particular health concerns regarding the third- and fourth-generation hormonal contraception products that have been introduced into society. The above article is originally published in the February Life Issues Connector.

Pingback: Quo Vadis, Papa Francisco? To avoid pregnancy a couple abstains from intercourse during this time. There are several natural methods of birth control in which a woman detects the signs of fertility in certain natural changes that occur in each menstrual cycle. Get more information on birth control here. In order to determine the time of fertility, three methods can be used:. The Mucus Method in which a woman charts characteristics of her cervical mucus.

The Temperature Method in which a woman charts her body temperature upon waking. Her temperature is relatively low around the time of ovulation. Then three successive days of elevated temperature indicate that the time of fertility has ended.

What are Abortifacients?

The Sympto-Thermal Method in which a woman charts both cervical mucus characteristics and body temperature upon waking. This method can only be used by a woman who is breastfeeding a newborn child. Fertility may return after 6 months, but often does not return until around 1 year. Although pro-life physicians continue to debate if and how often hormonal contraceptives interfere with the implantation of an embryo, it is important to educate ourselves and our clients about this potential action of the Pill.

The Pill: Contraceptive or Abortifacient?

Junno Arocho Esteves. The reformist German party want sweeping changes. But can they win over the voters? Chad Pecknold.

Abortifacient - Wikipedia

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