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  1. Aphrodisiac Foods | HowStuffWorks
  2. 101 Aphrodisiacs
  3. 9 Aphrodisiac Cocktails to Spice Up Your Night

Aphrodisiac Foods | HowStuffWorks

Food can be very provocative; the delicious aromas, sensual textures, and even the visual appearance of certain food can act as potent aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods or chemicals that excite or heighten sexual desire.

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Cooking with Aphrodisiacs will teach you how to use the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods to enhance your meal's sex appeal. Wine pairings are presented in simple, easy-to-understand language so that even a wine novice can create the perfect accompaniment to their romantic meal.

101 Aphrodisiacs

Cooking with Aphrodisiacs makes wine selection simple and fun. Mixed drinks can literally create sparks! Our bartender's Spanish Coffee will create quite the reaction from your loved one.

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Or try any of the other five recipes included. Imagine preparing this dessert drink for your loved one!

9 Aphrodisiac Cocktails to Spice Up Your Night

Printable and On-Screen versions of each recipe are available. Learn a few "Quickie" cooking tips from Cheryl for eggs, onions, veggies, honey, safety, cleanup, and freezing. Cheryl shows you how to create your own roasted red pepper. Add to Cart.

Aromatherapy as an Aphrodisiac

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