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  1. Caught With My Best Friend’s Dad by Odessa Rossi
  2. Caught With My Best Friend’s Dad by Odessa Rossi - online free at Epub
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Shoaf, now 18, was transferred to criminal court in closed hearing and was charged as an adult.

Caught With My Best Friend’s Dad by Odessa Rossi

She faces 30 years in prison and will soon be transferred to adult prison. Also on May 1, Shelia Eddy, now 18, was arrested in a restaurant parking lot. She was charged as an adult, pleaded guilty and was sentenced as an adult to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 15 years. It requires Amber Alerts for all missing children, not only those believed to have been kidnapped.

To honor their daughter, Dave and Mary transformed the site of her murder into a memorial. Dave often makes the mile drive. All rights reserved.

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Barroom bloodbath: 4 dead, 5 hurt at Kansas tavern; 2 gunmen at large. Series of explosions rock California Oktoberfest celebrations. Jimmy Carter requires 14 stitches after fall at home, 'feels fine'. Man drives car into crowd of people after an alleged fight, 1 dead and 4 injured. Search suspended for missing man and 3 children: Coast Guard. Woman without boarding pass removed from Delta flight. Swedish teen climate activist to visit Dakotas reservations. Warren dismisses top staffer for inappropriate behavior. Biden fires back at Trump on Ukraine: 'He is the definition of corruption'.

Bernie Sanders' health incident diagnosed as heart attack. Leaked texts show US quid pro quo talk on Ukraine. White House subpoenaed by House Dems for documents in impeachment investigation. Trump says he cares about corruption, not politics, as he pushes Biden investigations. Intel inspector general testifies about whistleblower complaint on Trump and Ukraine. Trump's EU ambassador a key player in Ukraine affair. Man facing murder charges in fatal pipe beatings of 4 homeless people in NYC.

I couldn't hear a thing except for the wind banging against the tower windows. I walked over to the huge windowpane and leaned forward against it, resting my forehead on the glass. The cold surface felt good on my skin. Over the howling wind, I heard a gleeful screech of some mother or girl from the lobby. I closed my eyes. They had missed it. My goddamn parents missed my prom. I wallowed in my self-pity. I'm the only senior whose parents didn't show up to take pictures. I wanted to scream. I wanted to kick and hit the glass.

I wanted to throw the security guard chair through the glass, breaking it, and jump out plummeting to my own restful death! That would show them! Then I laughed, picturing my mother, crying at my funeral, secretly gleeful over what I had done. Now she was a grieving mother! Parent of a dead child!

Oh the drama! The sublime romance of it all! I could see her, tearfully proclaiming her love for me and her horror over what I had done! Nope, I'd never jump. I'd never give her that opportunity. I heard someone coming up the steps but I didn't turn around. I was still too deep in my self-pitying fantasy to be concerned. I could smell liquor, so I assumed it was Carrie.

I stared out the window, focusing my vision on a blinking construction crane on the other side of the river. A hand slipped around my mouth.

Caught With My Best Friend’s Dad by Odessa Rossi - online free at Epub

My body was pushed against the glass. It was him. I was sick of this! I struggled violently, my verbal disapproval muted by the hand clamped viciously around my mouth.

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I wasn't afraid yet, but I was angry. My hands pulled at his arms. Suddenly his knee thrust hard against my legs forcing its way in-between them. I yelped in pain tears welled up in my eyes. He yanked my head back viciously. He pushed my head forward against he glass. His hand left my mouth. I could feel his cock hard against my thigh. He had my body crushed against the cold glass windowpane. I realized knew the alcohol I smelled on his breath was Crown Royal.

Top 10 Controversial Movies About Relationship With "Friends Father"

I'll never forget that smell. His hands slid up the sides of my body to my breasts. He began squeezing them roughly. I was shaking, crying now. I felt the material of one of my dress straps give in and rip. I made you cum all over my cock! He tore off the other dress strap, pulling the material down to expose my breasts.

He held them roughly in his hands as he thrust his hips into me rhythmically. He turned me around to face him. I'll never know how a face so handsome could suddenly look so cruel. I had made myself cum every night for two years to the thought of his face, his body. At that moment, though, the man in front of me was a terrifying stranger. He was not my lover as much as he was my rapist. I sobbed. My eyes stung from the mascara that was running down my cheeks.

When a child is missing their dad on Father’s Day

He kissed me hard, slamming his pelvis against mine. I shivered under the force of that kiss. I could taste the liquor. My body was ready for him automatically. It was a natural response, but I shook with terror and rage. He molested my breasts in his hands, his rough fingers squeezing my nipples. He let go of my hands, reaching around my waist and moving downward to cup my pubic mound in his hands. He rubbed my pussy through my panties. He jerked the thin fabric of my panties, trying to rip them.

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  4. I grunted in pain and began to sob. He clamped a hand over my mouth again and jerked my panties again, this time ripping the seam on one side. I sobbed into his hand. I felt his cock against my ass, prying at my flesh until he found my familiar opening. I was humiliated and furious that my body had betrayed me. I was wet. I fought back, trying to close my legs but he kneed my inner thigh causing my knee to buckle.

    I screamed. The head of his cock found my entrance and he thrust all of himself deep into me. I moaned despairingly into his hand. My body went limp in defeat. He began fucking me hard, his breathing was ragged. I hated him. I hated myself more. He felt so good inside me. The pain was fading away, I saw my breath on the window as he lowered his hand from my mouth.

    He squeezed my breasts and I moaned softly. He began kissing and licking my neck. I was shivering and still crying. He pulled out of me suddenly and I almost fell back ward. He grabbed my arms turning me toward the bench in the corner. He sat down pulling me into his lap. My dress was still crunched up around my waist. I was dazed and still shocked.

    The feelings and thoughts that my brain was sending were no longer clear.

    How to show your love for a friend grieving their dad on Father’s Day

    I had escaped into a fog so that I felt nothing. The only thing I could feel were his hands on my ass. He pulled me close to him. I was shaking hard, although I was still stiff and rigid as he held me tightly in his arms. He arranged my arms around his neck and slowly pushed his cock up into me. I began to spasm. He knew I was going to orgasm before even I did. He grabbed onto my ass tightly and I began to cum. It washed over me like a tsunami of pleasure. I gasped, my body jerking up.

    He kissed me hard muting my impending cries with his mouth. I could taste the liquor on his tongue. The wave retreated leaving a wasteland of guilt. I suddenly realized that he was cumming.

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    His cock jerking as his semen shot into me. He froze up his muscles tightening as much as his intoxicated muscles would allow. I pulled my dress up over my breasts. I realized I was still crying. He stood up quickly pulling his pants up and buttoning them. He looked down at my crumpled body on the floor remorsefully.

    I looked away, too furious to meet his glance. Music started beneath us.