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Because it was an Impression's game, Sierra bought Impression's Games, and fired all the staff that came with it. The fired Impression's staff went on to found Tilted Mill, and made their own Ancient Egypt City Builder Children of the Nile , which was more complicated, and less fun for me than the original. As to other suggestions, can be hard to say. Emperor was interesting, but had a BAD habit of ignoring comodity resources, which would stagnate or downright kill entire neighbourhoods, despite having the needed supply like Food right next to the distributor.

Caesar series was OK, ancient Rome based, and very similar to Pharaoh, but somehow lacked the "feel" of Pharaoh. Most others that come to mind are more RTS than City Management, which kind of ruins the experience, imho. It was such a great game As were most Impression's Games.

Download Chloe on Kindle for Free… and more!

These are the closest suggestions I can offer, neither of which can really compete with Pharaoh, sorry. Pharaoh itself was based on the Caesar series and Sierra put out several versions of Caesar later than Pharoah. Clash of Clans and Jurassic Park on mobile platforms both have building aspects - and both suffer from the plight of having to wait days literally days for improvements and buildings to be completed. Sim City whilst attracting kudos for being the first city builder game hasn't been updated in a time and personally I think others have done better since.

I would strongly recommend the Total War series - starting with Rome Total War which is still available and cheaply too. It shifts the emphasis from city building to troop battles albeit that city building is a critical part of the game and I'd argue strongly should be in the list of top 10 PC games of all time.

1. Djoser (reign 2686 BC – 2649 BC)

Problematic because the latest version Civ 5 is widely rated as a turkey. You can see my review here and on Amazon.

Douglas Preston

Theme Hospital? Still lingering around some stores but very problematic with later versions of Windows. Hummmm, Interesting.

I'll have to check some of them out. Ya, I'm trying to stay away from things that have more of a Troop combat focused games.

Some of them did it really well Stronghold 2 for example , but I never got a real taste for them. Pharaoh's was nice that in while it was still engaging, it was not that In your face or challenging. Originally posted by Warchild :. Anyone else? Samm View Profile View Posts.

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I think most of the great ones have been covered being: Tropico, Ceasar, Emperor and Children of the Nile. CivCity is also pretty good and worth a mention though. Forcen View Profile View Posts. Blanchflower View Profile View Posts. Exodus The Bible is quite specific about the site of their enslavement; the two store cities mentioned explicitly in verse 11 are Pithom and Rameses. The store cities of Pithom, Rameses and On were all located on the eastern flank of the Nile Delta, the green triangle at the top of the image. Notice the stark contrast between the desert and the lush green created by the Nile River, which spews a cloud of fine sand into the Mediterranean Sea that is transported by currents to the southern coast of the Land of Israel.

This is a NASA satellite photograph taken from space. Interestingly, in the Septuagint — the ancient Greek version of the Hebrew Bible — this verse is slightly different than what appears in our modern Bibles. But a good argument can be made that it should.

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Jeremiah Popularly known as the Tomb of Absalom, this is in fact a Hellenistic style monument marking the tomb of a prominent — perhaps royal — Jerusalemite from the 1st century BCE. In the background you can see the Mount of Olives rising up. The city of On Heliopolis was famous for its obelisks in the days of the pharaohs.

The Cairo suburb of al-Matariyyah, the ancient site of Heliopolis as it looks today. The site of Heliopolis does not contain very much today. Made from a single piece of red granite, it is 68 feet tall and weighs tons.


Here is what the obelisk looked like in a photograph from the late 19th century:. The obelisk, pointing upwards, symbolizes the power of the sun god. Because Heliopolis was a sacred city dedicated to the worship of the sun , the city contained dozens of obelisks in antiquity. Indeed, many of the famous Egyptian obelisks found in Western capitals were taken from Heliopolis.

Have you ever seen any of these famous monuments in person? If so, you probably did not realize they originally came from the humble Cairo suburb of al-Matariyyah. Prior to the modern era, all these obelisks were found in situ in Heliopolis. By Julia Blum April 25, By Jonathan Lipnick July 25, Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest Biblical News straight to your inbox.

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