Guide Lent and Easter Wisdom From St. Benedict

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Lent and Easter: Wisdom from Saint Benedict
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  2. Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Benedict
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But whatever the monk does, he must receive blessing from the abbot. Monastic life is not a private life! We need to open our hearts and our souls to the abbot, always with prudence, of course, but nevertheless a true openness. This is one of the most difficult aspects of monastic life today, when we are all used to lots of privacy and also used to making our own decisions.

For Saint Benedict, being a monk means never taking a decision by oneself—ever! Always a true monk must include his monastic superior in any decisions that he takes about his life or way of living the monastic life. May we all grow in the aspects of monastic life mentioned in this Chapter. May we strive to be strong and to offer something to the Lord. If you have two minutes to fill in our website feedback form , we would love to hear what you think DeLeon, Roy.

Books similar to Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today

Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life. Delisi, Anthony. Derkse, Wil. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, Dolan, Timothy. Doers Of The Word. Edmonson, Robert editor. Practice the Presence of God-Paraclete Essentials. Fosarelli, Pat. Notre Dame, IN. Ave Maria Press, London, England: The Continuum Books, Fruehwirth, Gregory, OJN. Galli, Mark. Green-Mathews, Frederica.

Grueschel, Paul, CFR. Radical Hospitality: Benedict's Way of Love. Holz, Albert, OSB. Radial Hospitality. Hume, Basil, Cardinal. The Mystery of the Cross. Kardong, Terrance G. Kardong, Terrence G. The Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary. Keating, Thomas. Continuum, Kelly, Joseph F. The Origins of Christmas. Lawrence, OSB. ICS Publications, Long, David. Madden, Don. Nouwen, Henri J. Thomas Merton: Contemplative Critic. Nugent, Andrew, OSB.

Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Benedict

Raila, Donald S. Robinson, David. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press. Stewart, Columba, OSB. Prayer and Community: The Benedictine Tradition. Sutera, Judith, OSB.

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Lent and Easter: Wisdom from Saint Benedict. Ligouri, MO: Ligouri Publications, Swan, Laura Editor. The Benedictine Tradition: Spirituality in History. Talbot, John Michael. Thirsting for God: Prayers from a Monastery. Waldron, Robert. Poetry as Prayer: Thomas Merton. Boston, MA. Pauline Books and Media, Welborn, Amy. Wilson-Hartgrove, Jonathan. The Wisdom of Stability. These two Russian spiritual classics describe the adventures of the anonymous, eponymous pilgrim, who discovers spiritual healing and nurturing through continual repetition of a short prayer called the Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.


They are good books for oblates to read and will bring home the need to pray unceasingly. Mike Aquilina and Christopher Bailey open a treasure chest of ancient Christian wisdom that will enrich your experience and appreciation of the psalms.

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Gathered together in this book are reflections from some of the greatest saints of the early Church on the psalms. Each of the short chapters on selected psalms is designed to help you pray these beautiful and personal Old Testament songs - not just to read or recite them, but to make them a part of your lives.

Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Ignatius of Loyola

Each chapter features the complete text of the psalms in revised standard version translation, a brief introduction that sets the psalms in context, a few lines to recall through the day, short reflections in modernized language from one or two early Christian thinkers, questions to help you apply the words of the psalms and the ideas of the early Christian writers to your life. Also included are brief biographies of the men and women quoted in the book. This is a wonderful book in which one individual pays tribute to a close friend.

The book is illustrated by more than carefully chosen photos that demonstrate the significant and poignant moments of the pontificate of John Paul II. This is an excellent coffee table book that will serve as an evangelizing tool for those who chose to peruse it. Pope Benedict XVI also unites his own spirituality with that of the late pope.

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  7. Benedict teaches us about community. Confronting the issues and problems of modern life, Benson demonstrates what it means to love in our neighborhood, work at our places of employment, enjoy an active family life and friendships in ways that form places of relationships, love and mutual support.

    Essentially the author explores what Benedictine spirituality can teach us about being a good neighbor. Is it really possible to enter into a genuine conversation with God? In this practical and inspirational book, Binz shows how we can read and reflect on Scripture in ways that enable us to hear God speaking to us in our thoughts and hearts. He explains how to converse with God in prayer that will lead to contemplation and life-changing action, with a clarity that all will be welcome. This book is suitable for faith-sharing and Bible study groups. She shows us a new way to live a spiritual life in the very center of the secular world today and still not escape from it.

    The book attempts to redefine this new way for those who seek a practical model upon which to build their spiritual lives. The book is refreshing in its format. It follows a lyrical or poetic format that is easy to read. The author has taken the monastic tradition and shown how we have it our hearts so that it becomes a monastery of the heart.

    This is a great book to help individuals discover how to live a life that is meaningful even though it is lived in a world that is non-spiritual and replete with materialistic goals. The book is a lovely volume that collects and arranges the passages from Thomas Merton's writings on nature.

    Eight Blessings for Lent

    They are enhanced by the drawings of John Giuliani, an internationally acclaimed artist, who has blended the spiritual and cultural treasures in his work. The editor is a sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame and an educator, theologian, composer and performer. Together, they have crafted a volume that evokes the sense of the sacred inherent in Merton's writings. Pray with more than your mind and learn how to use your whole self in this innovative approach to prayer. Readers are asked to do more than just read. They are asked to move in prayer by expressing the psalms with motion.

    The author is an oblate of St. Benedict, spiritual director and a certified yoga instructor. This book is for anyone who wants a more integrated and reconciled approach to prayer.

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    The readers will move in prayer by expressing the psalms with motion. For 60 years, Fr. Anthony Delisi has been a Trappist monk, chaplain, teacher and retreat master. He demonstrates in the book how we can bring the pain experienced in childhood, unspoken fears and memories that remind us of loss to God as we learn to pray in the cellar. It is a guide to contemplative prayer, and it will convey us to the inner room that Jesus describes when he says: "When you pray go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to God in secret. Anthony encourages us to follow Jesus' invitation to enter our interior cellar, and our fears will surface.

    This is an excellent book for those who have trouble praying because memories of pain and hurt often get in the way. The author is an oblate with the Benedictine St. Willibrord's Abbey in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. He asks the question: who does not long for the good days where a strong blessing rests? He states that many individuals, both lay and religious, have experienced the guidelines of St. The book is aimed at nourishing persons and communities right where they live and work. The main topics in the book are cultivation of silence and restrained speech, the dedication of work and study, the importance of humility, the cultivation of hospitality, care, stewardship, mutual respect and care of speaking good words.

    The author is searching for those basic attitudes and virtues that characterize Benedictine spirituality, making them available to those who live and work beyond the walls of the monastery. Whether you are ensconced in the sanctuary of a church and surrounded by its peaceful tranquility or trying to catch a metro train in the chaotic hubbub of an urban city, God is always there with you. He is present in the stillness of the church or the chaos of the subway. We are called to seek God, find Him and to serve Him.

    As archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan knows only too well the many faces of Jesus Christ and sees him in almost anybody. He uses his book to share a unique combination of simplicity, practicality, and guidance to give our faith a daily injection of meaning and application. This is a classic book that has instructed and inspired millions of people.

    The author recounts a humble 17 th- century monk who reveals the secrets of a daily, moment by moment, relationship with God. Lawrence spent most of his monastic life in the monastery kitchen and shows how it is possible to discern God in everyday situations, even among the pots and pans. This edition has been translated from the original French into very readable English.

    The book is replete with realism, friendliness and simplicity. This book presents 10 of the most widely recognized Catholic spiritual traditions. It spans from Augustine spirituality to Mystical spirituality, including Benedictine spirituality. Each chapter includes a brief history of the tradition's founder and it highlights the major characteristics of each tradition. The chapters also include a spiritual prayer representative of that tradition. An excellent resource for the Benedictine oblate who seeks to understand other traditions and recognizes both similarities and subtle differences.

    Mary Margaret has written about her experience of seeking God through the ancient tradition recommended by St. She points out that St. In her book, Sr. He guides readers to create more stillness and solitude in their lives and to do so right where they are. Gregory urges us to realize that we are always in God's presence and to be more conscious of this. He writes, "The contemplative life and unceasing prayer is about being exactly where you are and aware of the presence of God and quickly and joyfully responsive to God's urgings.

    The author makes a compelling case for the relevance of Christian liturgy in our individualistic, secular world. He presents examples and personal experiences and, by doing so, explains the countercultural appeal of liturgical worship that is the format of ecumenical orientation. Galli also cuts across the entire denominational spectrum. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in changing to different liturgical traditions. This popular and well-known author offers the most comprehensive book written to date on the Jesus Prayer. She presents the history, theology and spirituality of orthodoxy in order that the Jesus Prayer can be understood in the native context, and makes provision for practical steps in making it an integral part of our prayer life.

    This book is about encounters with God in ordinary daily experiences by ordinary people. The questions of who is God and how to know Him are often asked. The authors encompass a wide diversity of subjects and, by doing so, make us aware of the many ways we can learn about God through ordinary situations in our lives. God's image is revealed through the authors' compelling stories about family, conversion, kindness and forgiveness that emanate from their own experiences.

    Stories are also taken from Scripture, literature and the lives of ordinary people. The author, a Benedictine nun, knows a great deal about silence and solitude. For 20 years, she lived as a hermit. She has also lived in the secular world and is alert to the world around her. Her Benedictine wisdom is fundamental human wisdom. Her book is the outcome of her many decades of spiritual practice and journey. She demonstrates how monasticism is not placed on a pedestal or behind walls, but is in the middle of a noisy, crowed and complicated word.

    Her premise is that monasticism is not to forsake the world, but it is for the sake of the world. In today's world, it is increasingly difficult to approach anyone who appears to be different and to be hospitable to that individual. Monasticism teaches us to accept differences and to see Jesus Christ in everyone we meet.