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It will be wonderful to be back in my home town, making the Christmas show for this grand theatre in which I had so many of my most formative theatrical experiences. Picnic at Hanging Rock is a cult classic in its native country — originally a novel by Joan Lindsay and subsequently a film directed by Peter Weir this stage production was a huge hit in Melbourne and Perth. Adapted by award-winning playwright Tom Wright The War of the Roses, The Lost Echo , this chilling revision follows five performers as they struggle to solve the mystery of the missing girls and their teacher in the vast Australian Outback.

Euphoria and terror reverberate throughout Appleyard College, as the potential for history to repeat itself becomes nightmarishly real. The sun beat down on the faces of the three girls. On a summers day in three Australian schoolgirls grew tired of their classmates and yearned for adventure. Acclaimed artist Max Webster will bring a distinctive Scottish flair to this Shakespearean classic, with a troupe of actor-musicians, to create a vibrant and lyrical production of this bitter-sweet story which examines the themes of love, betrayal, magic, and misfortune.

Too hot! To mingle friendship far is mingling blood … My heart dances and not for joy. When King Leontes suspects his wife Hermione of adultery his jealousy tears his family, and his kingdom, apart. The queen is banished and believed dead, while their daughter Perdita is abandoned among simple shepherd folk. It speaks of family, jealousy and loss, but also of the power of love and hope to transform our lives.

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Dominic Hill, award-winning Artistic Director of Citizens Theatre, will direct this funny and biting exploration of the games people play to avoid confronting the realities of life. Welcome to a village idyll, home to the eccentric Bliss family. Siblings Simon and Sorel are speculating about whether their retired actress mother, Judith, might return to the stage, as their father, David, attempts to write his new novel.

This evening they have each invited a guest to stay at their rural retreat. It is a genuinely funny and insightful play with an acerbic cruelty that lifts it above a simple comedy of manners. As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, The Lyceum presents the Scottish premiere of A Number by acclaimed contemporary playwright Caryl Churchill and directed by award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director, Zinnie Harris.

Combining compelling fiction with powerful debate, the play is a dynamic two-hander that explores the boundaries and ethics of science. To serve the intensity of this award-winning play The Lyceum will transform its stage into an intimate studio space in the round allowing this provocative piece of theatre to sit at its heart, confronting its audiences, quite literally, from all angles.

Now in its 28thyear, the Edinburgh International Science Festival seeks to educate and inspire with a large-scale international programme of work over a two week period. A Number , will be the centrepiece of a programme of work at The Lyceum as part of the Festival. When he confronts his father, Salter, questions of identity and morality result in an explosive exchange with terrible consequences….

Mister Holgado (Oberon Plays for Young People) (Paperback) by William Hill Christopher

Zinnie Harris , director on A Number says :. Our Science in the Spotlight project brings together science and theatre to engage audiences with the big questions and debates of contemporary science, so we are delighted to be partnering with The Lyceum for the first time in to further develop this strand of our work.

Award-winning Douglas Maxwell, whose first play, the site-specific Decky Does a Bronco, was awarded numerous accolades including a Scotsman Fringe First Award for New Writing, returns with his gratifyingly moving comic style, and a story that offers both its anti-hero and its audience heart-warming salvation.

With redemptive purpose Chick wades out into the city night and amidst the swaying revellers, the streetlights and the scream of sirens he searches for an answer — a gutter-bound dreamer looking at the stars. Glory on Earth is a new commission written by multi-award winning Scottish playwright Linda McLean, whose work is characterized by poetry, mystery, and great emotional depth. She is 19 and on her young shoulders rest the hopes of the Catholic establishment of Europe. The Nation that receives her has just outlawed her church and its practices.

Its leader is the radical cleric and protestant reformer, John Knox. Both believe themselves ordained by God. Both believe themselves beloved by their people.

Both were exiled and returned home… but only one can make Scotland their own. Delving into the lives of John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots leaves me at turns warmly compassionate and fiercely outraged. Excitingly, the wordless production will feature a strong, all-Edinburgh community cast, and a soundtrack of entirely new music. Inspired by a scene witnessed in an Italian square, The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other is a play without words, narrated by music and animated by unspoken interaction. This production gives the simple pleasure of people watching a vibrant dramatic life as the audience weave a narrative out of the everyday scenes of a city.

Written in , the piece is by award-winning Austrian playwright, novelist, and political activist Peter Handke. Filmed in Abu Nuhas, Red Sea. Periscope Film LLC. NBCUniversal Archives. Bridgeman Images.

WPA Film Library. Sign In Create an Account. Required Required Remember me? We are getting your download from the archive provider, please wait We are directing you to the partner site Request information for this clip. But when Doctor Van der Bosch's plans to control his son's imagination fail, he realises he has no choice but to become the child-eating Holgado himself.

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Mister Holgado : Christopher William Hill :

Arthur Miller. DNA School Edition. Dennis Kelly.