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  1. SHATTERED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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Nearby words shastra , shastracara , shastri , shat , shatt-al-arab , shatter , shatter cone , shattered , shatterproof , shaun , shavano peak. Origin of shatter —50; Middle English schateren scatter. Synonym study 1.

SHATTERED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

See break. Examples from the Web for shattered Shattered by the verdict, I understood our country to be in a dismal state.

Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature - 6. Young Germany Georg Brandes.


He had his own company, his own plane, and his own island. He also operated his own pedophole ring. Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards have just returned to the mainland after taking four boys from St. Michael Dunsmore, Bill Johnson and two other boys were put through horrible, unforgettable, life-altering experiences. One of the two unnamed boys tells his mother a harrowing story about being sexually assaulted by Shelden in a cabin on the island.

The boys mother calls the police to relay the story.

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The police and task force are in full gear, searching through mounds of information. Bruce Danto enters the picture offering theories and helping to profile the killer s. On April 4th, a man calling himself, Allen sends Dr.