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Wyoming slaughter, William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
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Johnstone learned from the master, Uncle William W.

Blood Valley (Series)

Criar uma conta. Before Cotton can say "range war! But Cotton won't be scared off. He'll see to it that law and order come to Doubtful--because Cotton isn't afraid of dying. And he's not afraid of killing. Six Ways From Sunday. Book 2. Cotton Pickens, the unforgettable hero of William Johnstone's classic Blood Valley, returns in a tale of a lawless Montana mining district, a year-old widow, and a man who always finds new ways of laying down the law.

Now he's in the middle of a mining camp district slowly being crushed under the iron fist of another misnamed, hardheaded fellow, Carter Scruples.

Wyoming slaughter - Lewisville Public Library

With Cotton facing off against Scruples, a beautiful young woman caught in-between, and a band of outlaws living high and mighty in a dry-docked Pullman Palace Car, the town of Swamp Creek is surely going to get blown sky high. And when time comes to put the pieces back together again--Cotton will do his picking one bullet at a time.

Savage Guns.

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Book 3. Cotton Pickens made it through fifth grade.

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  • That and a tin star were good enough to make him the sheriff in the boomtown of Doubtful, Wyoming. And Doubtful's name is no accident. The saying around town is, If you're a lawman, it's doubtful you'll last a day. Savage Guns Spoiled, brash King Bragg is going to hang for the murder of three men in a barroom. But King's arrogant father--and his beautiful sister--use their powers of persuasion to convince Cotton to look into the shooting. And when Cotton does, he uncovers some disturbing secrets about one Crayfish Ruble, the second biggest rancher in Puma County. Soon, Cotton is surrounded by some people who want to hang King now, some who want to bust him free, and some too busy keeping their stories straight.

    In a town full of fools and sinners, of men bad and downright evil, a gallows is going up and time is running out. And a young, skinny, undereducated lawman named Cotton Pickens is standing up to a savage storm--with only one gun on his side.

    Wyoming Slaughter

    Massacre Mountain. Book 4. And in William W. Johnstone's rollicking new Western, the law is in a fight for its life. Held up, robbed and fired from his job as sheriff, things get even worse when someone murders Cotton's horse Critter. And it's all happening just as a flashy, fleshy stage company comes to town.

    Some folks demand the show be shut down for immorality. Some folks--Cotton included--sure enjoy the proceedings. But when a man gets stabbed to death, a bank safe gets blown up, and another county's sheriff starts imposing his will, Cotton realizes that a dastardly plot is taking over Doubtful. Badge or no badge, Cotton is going to war. To catch a killer. To stand up to some self-righteous fatheads. And for the right to see a little bare-naked leg--or die trying. More in western.

    The Trailsman Apache Vendetta. Book Fargo has to help an old enemy. The army wants Fargo to do it so the Apaches will be pacified. Doves In The Wind.

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    Audrey Smith. Victor Way finds himself stranded in a wilderness cabin one winter. While waiting for spring, he recalls his youth when he headed into the untamed West in After he signed a contract with a shady scoundrel, Vick found himself in the company of four whores, a schoolteacher, and other colorful characters.

    China Town, Wyoming - Main Street, Wyoming

    They each had a past, some of them were trying to forget, and all of them were trying to get it all behind them. The Law in Somos Santos. Longarm Longarm and the Rock Springs Reckoning. He buys her a new dress, gets her cleaned up, and takes her out for a fancy steak dinner. Blinded by rage, Longarm can no longer see the line between justice and revenge. The Resource Wyoming slaughter, William W.

    Johnstone Resource Information. The item Wyoming slaughter, William W. Johnstone represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Lewisville Public Library. This item is available to borrow from 1 library branch. Creator Johnstone, William W. Contributor Johnstone, J. Summary It was a law Cotton Pickens never asked for and never wanted to enforce.

    But due to the vigilance of the Women's Temperance Society, and the timidity of their businessmen husbands, the town of Doubtful, Wyoming, is going dry. As of January 1st.

    Wyoming Slaughter: A Cotton Pickens Western

    No exceptions. No turning back. Doubtful's hell-raisers will not take this lying down, and Sheriff Pickens is fighting bootleggers and vigilantes when the next boot drops. The righteous women push through an even worse law bound to spark an outright insurrection. The world's oldest profession and Doubtful's favorite pastime - dallying with ladies of the evening - is the next vice to be outlawed. With all hell breaking loose, Sheriff Pickens has enemies everywhere he turns.